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PRE-SALE - Memory Globe - ITA BAG

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This is a pre-sale // 
This is a pre-sale // This is a pre-sale

DO NOT order anything else if you choose this bag. Unless you are prepared for all the other items to be held until the bags are in-hand.

  • 10 inches wide x 3 inches deep 
  • Insert space enclosed with zipper
  • Gold hardware 
  • Custom zipper pulls
  • Blue leather
  • Closed pockets on the inside
  • Backpack / crossbody
  • Embossed details on the back and on the sides
  • Comes with 2 inserts
  • Includes 3 adjustable straps.

**Please note : This is a pre-sale. Production time can go up to 4 months. Then transit will be approximately 1 month by boat. I don't expect to have these bags in hand until January / Febuary. 

Pre-sale price is lower as a thank you for supporting this project. Once they are in-hand, the prices will go up.

Everything on this bag was thought and designed by me. 

How to use

Wear it, display it, gift it ! Whatever you choose to do with your merch, you will give it a good loving home.


Always wrapped in a bubble cloud, inside a reusable paper bed, tucked in a bubble mailer for great protection!

Return policy

All sales are final. You accept the item AS IS. Make sure you order accordingly.

I do not accept refund, exchanges or returns, unless you received a defective or wrong item.

Arrangement must be made with me via email, before returning a product. Shipping costs will be covered by you for the return of your item.

Please note that the item has to be returned to me for refund or replacement.