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Broom Lesson Sign - Enamel pin

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  • Limited release 50
  • 3 inches wide
  • Gold Plated
  • Hard Enamel
  • Screen printing
  • Dangling parts
  • 2 pin posts

Please refer to my grading policy before purchasing, here 
This is a full metal pin, it is bound to have some minor scuffing marks.

Agrade : Almost perfect pin.

Standard Grade : The most minimal flaws. Nothing that will be distracting, or remove from the beauty of the pin.

Bgrade : Some minor flaws, all described in my grading policy. Again, nothing too obvious that will remove from the pin being displayed.

Cgrade : Might have more than one flaw, all described in my grading policy. These might be more obvious. May be more fragile when worn on bags or clothes.

How to use

Wear it, display it, gift it ! Whatever you choose to do with your merch, you will give it a good loving home.

Return policy

All sales are final. You accept the item AS IS. Make sure you order accordingly.

I do not accept refund, exchanges or returns, unless you received a defective or wrong item.

Arrangement must be made with me via email, before returning a product. Shipping costs will be covered by you for the return of your item.

Please note that the item has to be returned to me for refund or replacement.